• Wave/echo


    Public art project for a residential development in downtown Santa Monica.

  • Terra EnCognito

    Terra EnCognito

    Terra EnCognito is a realtime data visualization of online discussions as they unfold on the social news site digg.com.

  • Integrated Signage for Nature/Knowledge

    Integrated Signage for Nature/Knowledge

    Integrated signage component for a public art project.

  • ACADIA Conference Materials

    ACADIA Conference Materials

    Identity, publications, promotional materials, and data visualizations for an academic conference.

  • Patient Zero

    Patient Zero

    Volumizing motion in film clips by stacking frames into DICOM-like cubes.

  • ACADIA Conference Session Finder

    ACADIA Conference Session Finder

    An interactive visualization of conference sessions related by subject.

  • Artist’s Web Presence

    Artist’s Web Presence

    CMS-backed web presence for a spectacular artist, Catherine Wagner.

  • ACADIA Conference Posters

    ACADIA Conference Posters

    Data-based marketing posters for an academic conference.

  • Chladni Blooms

    Chladni Blooms

    Real-time, sound-based Chladni patterns.

  • Photography


    Pieces from a few projects: Global Warming, Headlands, and Filamentation.

  • Behind the Canvas

    Behind the Canvas

    Fundraising campaign pieces—two-color/mixed ink, tri/gatefold.

  • Silk (in development)

    Silk (in development)

    Infinitely configurable textile patterns based on noise algorithms.