Technology + design + art

Nature/Knowledge: Integration of Art and Design

Nature/Knowledge, San Jose, Catherine Wagner.

Photography by Phillip Bond. © Phillip Bond.

Design + for nature/knowledge

Team + Toolbox

Client Catherine Wagner + the San Jose Public Art Program, and the San Jose Public Library
Platform Processing, Java
Fabricator Thomas Swan Sign Company

Integrated signage component for a public art project in a San Jose Public Library branch. The sign references dominant themes introduced by the artist’s piece—the connection between nature and knowledge—and it conforms to strict architectural material and style specifications. The sign is an 8' × 2' stainless steel LED lightbox.

From the library's opening announcement:

Designed as an integral connector between Wagner’s artwork, creating a collaborative bond between the world of ideas and contemporary methods of learning, the Tech Connect sign created by Michael Thompson acts as a gateway to progressive digital access. Linking technology with the organic, the cellular structures dissecting the sign reference a symbiotic relationship between the library, the natural world, and the digital age. Seen together, the ties between nature, science, and knowledge are what ground and propel us into future models of connectivity. It is in bringing together every resource, every possibility for accessible information that is at the core of the Educational Park Branch library.

Beyond the signage, I laid out the frieze, designed and presented plans to approving bodies, worked through lighting strategy with artist and architects, and created promotional materials for the project.